Cardinal Rebukes Faithfulness to the Gospel


Cardinal José Cobo of Madrid has rebuked two priests who publicly campaigned not to follow Bergoglio in his homosexual [pseudo] blessings (, 8 January).

Cobo said that "they can express their opinion, butnever in civil spaces, on Internet sites that have nothing to do with the ecclesial dynamic [sic] and which, in the final analysis, are contrary to the ordinary doctrine of Francis".

He announced that he would "fully apply" Francis' perversion of the Catholic faith "with the intensity that the document deserves and demands, and whoever disagrees, I invite them to read it [as if "reading" were the problem]".

He reminds the clergy that "they have an oath of fidelity to the Pope" - which is not true.

Cobo, a representative of the Francis' ideology, is trying to contain a Spain-wide rebellion of Catholic priests against the homosexual propaganda piece "Sodoma Supplicans".