Clown and dancers at the Epiphany Mass

Bishop Derio Olivero of Pinerolo, Italy, presided at an Epiphany Eucharist wearing a polychrome chasuble that made him look like a clown.

A group of female dancers, bounced around the floor of the cathedral in various overstretched movements 

Bishop Olivero acknowledged in his homily that the faithful were scandalised by the dancers. Some would call the Church a [bad] disco and say that the Church has lost its references [and its mind], he said.

Monsignor Olivero drew the philosophical conclusion that the reactions to an event are different because "we are different in the way we think about rites and Eucharists".

When the liturgy becomes the result of what "we think about rites", it ceases to be a liturgy and becomes a secularised gathering of people who have lost religion.