Do not accept any change in the Church of God

Carbonia 30-11-2019

Accept no change in the Church of God.

God has predestined it this way.

Here I am with you all love to give you love, love, infinite love.

You are My most beautiful jewels, you are precious in My eyes, you are the ones whom I await with all My love.

Do not hold back your enthusiasm for Me, I am happy for you when you call upon Me with all your love

My Holy Spirit descends upon you and intoxicates you with Me. I will thank each one of you who follows Me with fervent love and dedicates his life for the salvation of his brothers.

Heaven is already celebrating the victory of its children; time is already in its last throes. My Father orders My descent, I am happy, because I will have the victory, I will mark My people in Me and they will be saints in Me.

Beware of those who will try to steal your faith, show yourselves children of God by exercising the gifts of God.

Evangelize, tell them that Jesus is coming back now, ... tell my people to prepare themselves for the encounter with Me.

Tell them that before My coming there will be great catastrophes to make them understand that it is time to renew all things, to purify the Earth to begin the new life in holiness and love.

Glorify your God with your life, be holy, my children.

Prepare yourselves for this Christmas. This Christmas, be close to the manger. 

The Child Jesus will manifest himself in your homes, where you have carefully prepared a small manger, a sign that you belong to Jesus.

God is with you and will bless you with all his love; he will send his Angels to your homes to protect you from the great persecutions that the children of God will suffer. You have nothing to fear because God, through his Angels, will protect his children.

Do not accept any change in the Church of God, for God does not change anything of what He has created, of what He has founded. The Church is part of God and God has predestined it this way, man cannot change God's rules.

Anathema! Anathema! Anathema! Anathema!

Away with the traitors! Away with the merchants of the temple!

It is time for new things, it is time to make a great cleansing of all that is impure.

Behold, God confronts Humanity to warn it that soon everything will be different because God will purify the Earth, He will transform it in Himself into Good Things.

The man who will inhabit the new Earth will be holy and blessed by God.

Go ahead, my people, your God awaits you victorious, the battle will be fierce but God will be with you.

As Coredemptrix in the Work of Salvation, you will have with you Mary Most Holy, Mother of Jesus and your Mother. She, in her divine mandate, will grant the gifts of the Holy Spirit to her children, to those who have responded with fidelity and love to her call. She will lead her faithful army to victory against Satan.

God knows, ... God sees, ... God waits for your faithful yes.

Love and blessing to the children of God!