Do not be content to ask only for things from Me

Praised and blessed be the Eternal God, for all eternity and for all Creation. I, Jesus, speak to you.

My children, I Jesus, your Brother and your Redeemer, desire that you praise My Eternal Father and My Holy Mother constantly, for what you do for them pleases Me greatly and brings Me more joy than if you do it with Me. Therefore, children, praise Him who created you and who brought you into the world in My presence, because through My Holy Mother I came from Heaven to this Earth in order to redeem you, being a man equal to you in all things but sin (Heb. 4:15). I, Jesus, speak to you.

Do not be content to ask only for things from Me, even if they are holy; I desire that We also receive from you gifts that will give Us consolation and glory. Make reparation to Us especially for blasphemies, make praises to Us, make acts of piety and love to Us, make prayers, novenas and other pious acts that honor Us so much and are so valuable to Us. But children, do them in a state of grace, do not come to Us stained by sin, for although We will not depreciate you or stop listening to you, it gives Us more glory when you pray or do those acts of piety in a state of grace and it benefits your souls much more. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Pray children, pray for your country, for your separated brothers, for the priests who are about to abandon their sacred ministry, for the souls who, hooked to the devil, cannot free themselves from him. Pray children, pray, pray, that prayer does not stand still.

 Pray, children, pray, pray, for prayer is not lost and is a very powerful weapon. It does not matter what you pray, whether it is the Holy Rosary, personal prayer, prayers already approved by the Church or simply the Our Father which, taught by Me, has so much strength and in so little text contains the most necessary and basic things for the faith. Ask Me to increase your faith, so that you do not falter in times of trials, which will come and some of you are already suffering them. Ask Me for your relatives, because if you are interested in their situation and it hurts you, much more I am interested and it hurts Me. I hear you even if you do not have an immediate answer, but everything will come, because I see your right intentions and the desire that you have for them to be saved, a desire that My Holy Spirit induces in you. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Persevere in prayer, in the Sacraments, in the good and holy desires that sometimes become realities, in good works, and above all, do not hate anyone, nor wish anyone any evil, because that is exactly what the devil wants, that you rejoice in the evil of others or the evil of someone who once harmed you and now suffers it, but rather, redouble your prayers for them and do it with right intentions, for I see everything and I do not despise it. I, Jesus, speak to you and instruct you.