Ex Gay: Francis Is Siding With the Enemies of Christ

Francis Is a Manipulator

Luca Di Tolve is a former "Mr Gay" of Italy, but is now married and a father. He has written a book "Ero gay. A Medjugorie ho trovato me stesso" (I Was Gay. In Medjugorie I found Myself), with a foreword by Cardinal Sarah. On 11 January he commented on Francis' text "Fiducia supplicans" on his blog LucaDiTolve.com. Main points.

- Reading FS, Di Tolve felt bewilderment, sorrow and grief at the betrayal.

- FS was born in a context where secular falsehoods try to ride the wave of 'pastoral proposals'.

- FS opens the door to those media activists who fight the faith by fighting against everything the world hates: chastity, purity, truth.

- Luca Di Tolve reminds Francis of his own words: "Lies, compromise and confusion create divisions and bear rotten fruit".

- FS helps those who confirm people in their error.

- Society praises a sportsman who sacrifices his life for the sake of success. But a person who struggles against his own selfishness, impulses and weaknesses in order to attain holiness is considered a madman.

- Di Tolve laments the consequences of the seductive theories [= FS] that ensnare the Church.