Faith and supernatural vision

The exercise of the virtue of faith in daily life translates into what is commonly known as "supernatural vision," which consists in seeing things, even the most ordinary things, what seems unimportant, in relation to God's plan for each creature for his salvation and that of many others; in getting used to "going about our daily tasks as if we were looking at the Lord out of the corner of our eye to see if this is really his will, if this is the way he wants us to do things; in getting used to discovering God through creatures, to discern him behind what the world calls chance or coincidence, to perceive his imprint everywhere ".

The Christian life, holiness, is not an external covering that covers the Christian, ignoring what is properly human. Hence the supernatural virtues influence the human virtues and make the Christian an honest man, exemplary in his work and in his family, full of a sense of honor and justice, who distinguishes himself before other men by a style of conduct in which loyalty, truthfulness, honesty, honesty, cheerfulness... stand out: whatever is true, honorable, just, honest, upright, kind and commendable, be esteemed, as St. Paul reminded the first Christians of Philippi.

The Christian's life of faith leads him, therefore, to be a man of human virtues, because he makes his faith a reality in his daily actions. Not only will he feel moved to make an act of faith when he sees the walls of a church, but he will also turn to his Lord to ask him for light and help when faced with a work or domestic problem, when accepting a contradiction, when facing pain or illness, when offering joy, when continuing for love a work that he was about to abandon because of fatigue; in the apostolate, to ask for the lights of grace for those people he intends to bring to the sacrament of Penance. Supernatural vision when no fruits are seen, perhaps because the first work is being carried out in that soul and "the coulter that breaks and opens the furrow, does not see the seed nor the fruit"...6. Faith is continuously in exercise, and hope, and charity.... Faced with problems and obstacles, perhaps already old, the Lord tells us: extend your hand.... Faith is not a virtue to be exercised only on a few occasions, in moments of pious practices, but in sports, in the office, in the middle of traffic. Much less, as some Christians do, who seem to have reserved their faith for Sunday when it comes to fulfilling the Sunday precept.

Let us examine today how often we make real the Christian ideal that informs and gives new meaning to everything human we do, broadens it and makes it supernaturally fruitful. Let us also examine how we have a "supernatural vision" in the face of daily events.

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