Fidelity to Grace

 The Gospel of the Mass1 presents us with a little parable, which St. Mark alone takes up. In it the Lord speaks to us of the growth of the seed sown in the ground; once it is sown, it grows regardless of whether the owner of the field sleeps or watches, and without his knowing how it is produced. So is the seed of grace that falls into souls; if it is not hindered, if it is allowed to grow, it bears its fruit without fail, not depending on the sower or the waterer, but on God who gives the increase

It gives us great confidence in the apostolate to consider frequently that "the doctrine, the message that we have to propagate, has its own infinite fruitfulness, which is not ours, but Christ's. "3 In our own interior life, it also fills us with hope to know that the grace of God, if we do not prevent it, silently brings about a profound transformation in the soul, while we sleep or watch, at all times, causing resolutions of fidelity, dedication and correspondence to spring up within us - perhaps even now, in prayer.

The Lord constantly offers us his grace to help us to be faithful, fulfilling the small duty of each moment, in which his will is manifested to us and in which our sanctification lies. It is up to us to accept this help and to cooperate with kindness and love.

 It is up to us to accept these aids and to cooperate with generosity and docility. What happens to the soul is similar to what happens to the body: the lungs need to suck oxygen continuously to renew the blood. Whoever does not breathe, ends up dying of asphyxia; whoever does not receive with docility the grace that God continually gives, ends up dying of spiritual asphyxia

To receive grace with docility is to strive to carry out what the Holy Spirit suggests to us in the intimacy of our heart: to fulfill our duties fully - in the first place everything that refers to our commitments to God; to strive with determination to reach a goal in a certain virtue; to bear with supernatural grace and simplicity a setback that perhaps is prolonged and costly for us.... God moves us interiorly, often reminding us of the orientations received in spiritual direction, and the greater our fidelity to these graces, the better disposed we are to receive others, the more easily we find it to carry out good works, the greater joy there is in our life, because joy is always closely related to correspondence to grace.

Hablar con Dios