Francis' vindictive campaign against Benedict

Francis wants to erase all trace of Pope Benedict. The Damnatio Memoriae continues.

Pope Francis orders, "Away with all Benedict coats of arms."

The enormous sorrows that the deceased pontiff had to endure in the ten years of cohabitation were not enough. The funerals celebrated with the inability to bear the legacy of the predecessor who is a true father of the Church were not enough. Now, one year after the death of Pope Benedict XVI, the order has come from Santa Marta: «Away with the coats of arms of Benedict XVI from the chasubles!».

This is what the Master of the Pontifical Liturgical Celebrations and the workers of the Pontifical Sacristy were told. This is how he proceeded to send the chasubles (of all four liturgical colors) to the tailor's shop to replace the coat of arms of the deceased pontiff with the tiara and decussate keys.

This is a choice that finds no justification whatsoever, especially made ten years after the end of the pontificate and only following his death. From a historical point of view, in fact, the memory of vestments that were commissioned by Benedict XVI and commemorate his pontificate is erased. It is also a temporal indication: the vestments were desired and created during this period. Furthermore, all the other vestments with the coats of arms of Saint Paul VI, Saint John XXIII or Saint John Paul II are all in the pontifical sacristy and no one has ever dared to touch them.

From an economic point of view, an aspect so dear to Pope Francis, it is a crazy expense. It would have been cheaper to buy chasubles without the coat of arms or with the coat of arms of the reigning Pontiff. Why, then, continue with this damnatio memoriae of Joseph Ratzinger's Pontificate?

In the days following his death, Francis demonstrated his intolerance towards the entire legacy of Joseph Ratzinger. No one will ever be able to forget the images of Benedict XVI loaded onto a minibus, at dawn while it was still dark, and taken to the Vatican Basilica by entering through the side door. Such treatment has never been reserved even for the excommunicated.

One year after his death, this morning, H.E.R. Monsignor Georg Gänswein celebrated a Holy Mass in repose of the soul of Benedict XVI. The demand for participation was so high that a celebration could not be held in the Vatican grottoes but the Mass was moved to the altar of the cathedra to allow everyone to participate.

Cathcon:  The reality is that Catholicism requires every memory of Pope Francis will have to be smashed and he knows it, which is what is psychologically motivating the vicious and vindictive campaign.