I will call you by name, be ready —Carbonia

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Carbonia March 01, 2022

O men, you have betrayed the commandments of God, you have bound yourselves to death.

Mercy, mercy to you, my people, ungrateful people.

Your unfaithfulness to your Creator has taken you out of your ways, Satan has managed to maneuver with you and take you to his side, you have allowed yourself to be manipulated by Evil, you have not taken care to put the Shield within you, therefore, now you will go to suffering.

The curse has fallen upon you because of your sins, oh man, you have not let your soul breathe through confession, you have betrayed the commandments of God, ... you have bound yourself to Death!

O man! ... You, who so much declaim your capacities, your merits, your certainties, now you will fall from your pedestal, your belly will crawl on the earth like the serpents and you will eat dust.

Poor men, poor Humanity hardened in sin, ... I will not be able to save those who reject me.

The bells are ringing for the dead! The clock is about to strike its last chime. And you, O man, will you stay in your sarcasm? You are finished! You have done wrong! You have disobeyed your Creator God... you will dig your grave in the earth and burn in the flames of hell.

My children, oh all of you who are called to serve Me, behold, I tell you to surrender yourselves to Me, to comply with My requests, to make yourselves available to My commands, not to be proud, to provide for My requests and to be close to My prophets, to those who in charity place themselves at the service of their loving God.

Pray that the day when I call you by name will find you prepared.

Mary Most Holy awaits you to shelter you under her mantle.