¿Is the Third Temple the end goal?

Israeli Civil Guard solider says “Third Temple is the end goal”

I do believe at a certain point in time the Al Asqa mosque will be destroyed, Hamas and Hezbollah will de defeated, and the counterfeit 3rd Temple will be built on its ashes

I also believe the staged conflict were currently seeing in the Middle East is the war depicted in I Pet Goat 2 https://youtu.be/65xLByzT1l0 3.05 min.

In the film, bombers fly over a mosque and bomb it, then we see: “Markets Plunge, War Coverage” across the boy’s eyes

In Albert Pikes 3 World Wars letter he claims the third world war will begin in the Middle East as a Holy War

He ‘predicted’ the last 2 World Wars with extreme accuracy 

I do wonder if it’s all about to begin. The window of opportunity for Rothschild Israel and the beast is closing. They must act soon