Mary and the Most Holy Trinity

St. Thomas Aquinas teaches that Mary "is the only one who, together with God the Father, can say to the divine Son: You are my Son. "10 Our Lady, writes St. Bernard, "calls the Son of God and Lord of the angels her Son when she asks him quite naturally: Son, why have you behaved thus toward us? (Lk 2:48). What angel could have had the audacity to say this to her (...)? But Mary, aware that she is his Mother, familiarly calls that same sovereign majesty before whom the angels prostrate themselves as her Son. And God is not offended because He is called what He wanted to be". He is truly the Son of Mary.

In Christ the eternal generation (his divine condition, the pre-existence of the Word) is distinguished from his temporal birth. As God, He is begotten, not made, mysteriously by the Father ab aeterno, from everlasting; as man, He was born, was made, of the Virgin Mary. When the fullness of time came, the only-begotten Son of God, the Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, assumed human nature, that is, the rational soul and the body formed in the most pure womb of Mary. The human nature (soul and body) and the divine nature were united in the one Person of the Word.  From that moment, Our Lady, when she gave her consent to God's requirements, became Mother of the incarnate Son of God, for "just as all mothers, in whose womb our body is engendered, but not the rational soul, are called and are truly mothers, so Mary, by the unity of the Person of her Son, is truly Mother of God."

In Heaven, the angels and saints contemplate with astonishment the very high degree of Mary's glory and know well that this dignity comes from the fact that she was and remains forever the Mother of God, Mater Creatoris, Mater Salvatoris13. That is why, in the litanies, the first title of glory given to Our Lady is that of Sancta Dei Genitrix, and the titles that follow are those that are appropriate to the divine maternity: Holy Virgin of virgins, Mother of divine grace, Mother most pure, Mother most chaste....

Because Mary is the true Mother of the Son of God made man, she is in a very close relationship with the Most Holy Trinity. She is the Daughter of the Father, as the Fathers of the Church and the ancient and recent Magisterium have called her. With the Son, the Blessed Virgin has a strict bond of consanguinity, "by which she acquires power and natural dominion over Jesus…. 

And Jesus contracts with Mary the duties of justice that children have towards their parents". In relation to the Holy Spirit, Mary is, according to the thought of the Fathers, Temple and Tabernacle, an expression that Pope John Paul II also takes up in his Magisterium. She is "the masterpiece of the Trinity".

This masterpiece is not something accidental in the life of the Christian. "She is not even a person adorned by God with so many gifts for us to admire her. This masterpiece of the Trinity is the Mother of God the Redeemer and, therefore, also my Mother, of this poor human being that I am, who is each one of us mortals".18 "My Mother," we have often said to her.

Today we turn our thoughts to her full of joy and praise... and of holy pride. "How men love to be reminded of their kinship with literary, political, military and Church personages!

"-He sings before the Immaculate Virgin, reminding her:

"Hail Mary, daughter of God the Father: Hail Mary, Mother of God the Son: Hail Mary, Spouse of God the Holy Spirit.... More than you, God alone!".

Hablar con Dios