My Return is anticipated

Carbonia 03.01.2024

                                  Darkness is at the gates!

Manage your homes... as I command you!

These are the last days to be lived in these conditions:

now things are going to precipitate ...

My Hand is already upon you, O hardened men of wickedness, servants of Satan!

Have pity on yourselves,

prepare yourselves for the Great Event.

God is One and "One" is His Word!

Prepare yourselves!

My Return is anticipated:

I will use My Holy Mercy on those who will have listened to Me and repented!

I am tired of being betrayed,

My priests give themselves up to comfort...

they have lost faith,

they leave My flock in the lurch,

they follow false ideologies... and they strive for more and more;

they have become lustful,

they no longer pay attention to Me... not even to their priestly vows!

The "sacred" is set aside ...

everything profane is exalted.

Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!

You have sold your soul to the Devil:

you have preferred him to Me!

For a paltry piece of silver... you have sold "back" to your God the King.

A new day is dawning: it is the dawning of a new life!

I will appreciate your repentance ... if you come to Me with a contrite heart.

Enough of it! Enough of everything:

this generation has hit rock bottom,

sin has the blessing of this perverse humanity.

Suddenly everything will come to a halt and ... nothing will be as before.

Have you foreseen the things I have suggested to you?

Have you provided what I have suggested?

Those who have accepted My calls of salvation will be safe....

Whereas.... those who have mocked My Word will enter the nightmare of death.

Therefore I urge you to make haste: darkness is upon you!