Predictive programming & NWO

Russian Military Declares Covid Pandemic Was Strategic Operation To Control Humanity

The Covid pandemic was not a pandemic at all, but a global strategic operation to control humanity that was decades in the planning.

But don’t take my word from it. That is straight from Moscow, the result of a Russian military intelligence investigation which sought to uncover the real origins of the pandemic and understand who is guilty of this crime against humanity.

Mainstream media, beholden to the global elite, are determined to sweep this information under the carpet. And it’s little wonder, because the Russian military intelligence findings go a long way to proving that the mainstream media and Western governments have been brainwashing the people with fake news and dangerous misinformation for years.

According to the Russian general, “This coronavirus and so called pandemic is not a pandemic at all. It’s a global strategic operation to control humanity. The Zionists and financial powers of this world, want to reduce the population! They want about 100 million of their own and about one billion to serve them.”

The Covid pandemic was simply the latest in a long line of globalist scams designed to terrify people into submission and gradually remove their freedoms.

The World Economic Forum has admitted that the pandemic was a dry run for a much bigger global catastrophe. According to Schwab, the billions of sheep who complied with draconian lockdown restrictions and vaccine mandates will also comply with the coming social credit score scheme.

We’ve got news for Klaus Schwab and his cronies in the WEF. The people are waking up and will not comply with any future globalist diktats.

Back in 1999, Bill Gates had a game created for Microsoft Windows called “Omikron.” It was about demons pretending to be human in order to harvest their souls.

Does Omikron sound familiar? Yes, like the Covid variant. You know, the variant the elite used as an excuse to mandate mRNA vaccines and turn the planet into a prison.

The elite have been telegraphing their plans for humanity for decades. It’s called predictive programming, or Revelation of the Method.

Originating from ancient Rosicrucian texts, this concept explains why the elite expose the masses to dark realities, often in a veiled and underhanded manner, to gain implied acceptance from the masses.

Once these hidden truths are quietly and deceitfully revealed to the public and met with general apathy and indifference, they become normalized and embedded in society’s collective unconscious. Take for example the global elites creeping agenda to sexualize children and normalize pedophilia.

We have been warned about this process for years and now anyone who is paying attention can see it right before their eyes. Some occultists compare this normalization process to the alchemical “Great Work” where the world is “transmuted” according to the will of the occult elite.

There is just one problem for the global elite and their occult rituals. We the people are waking up and we are not consenting to their dark Satanic agenda anymore.

We can’t allow the globalists and Big Pharma companies to get away with murder. Given that we know the elite planned the crime for decades, and they are determined to depopulate the world, it’s time hold them to account.

Here at the People’s Voice we have dedicated our lives to waking people up to the truth. In the early days, people did not want to listen. But more and more people are waking up to the truth.