Reaching the Lord is the only important thing in our life

The news brought by the Magi spread through Jerusalem, from door to door, from house to house. In many good Israelites the hope of the Messiah would be enlivened and they would wonder if he had not already arrived. Others, like Herod himself, despite having more culture, better knowledge, received the news in very different ways, because they were not inwardly ready to receive the born king of the Jews.

Jesus, the same Child born in Bethlehem of Judea, continually passes by our side; he passes as he did once with the Magi or crossed the life of Herod. There are two positions before the Lord: to accept Him, and then all that is ours is His; or to deny Him, dispensing with Him, building our life as if He did not exist. There is also the position of fighting Him; this is what Herod did.

We, like the Magi, want to reach Jesus, even if we have to leave behind the things that others hold dear or, in order to follow the road that leads to Bethlehem, we have to suffer some setback

Each resolution we make to follow Christ is like a small light that is lit. Time, perseverance in spite of difficulties, starting again and again, transforms what began as something small and hesitant into a great light: clarity for others who are also searching for Christ. "While the Magi were in Persia, they saw only a star; but when they left their homeland, they saw the very Sun of righteousness, the Sun of the Lord himself

Hablar con Dios