Resurrected Osiris or the Antichrist

Bergoglio's pectoral cross (up) represents the false Good Shepherd with his arms crossed in the form of an X on his chest, the same symbol as the Satanist Aleister Crowley (first from the left in the first image), the Freemasons, the Masonic clergy and the Illuminati who await the Antichrist and his world domination:

Much can be gathered from the "Osiris is risen" symbology

The wicked are looking forward to the end and the beasts arrives from the pit

What many do not understand is our enemy is ancient and goes by many names. Satan was there in the beginning. He is still here today

He is the trickster of death and time, leading the foolish astray in countless generations

Same for the beast who was, is not, and yet is

Just because Christians know him as the antichrist, doesn't mean he isnt “Osiris" incarnate to the wicked

The bottomless pit and the underworld from their "myth" is the same. Osiris risen is the beast who ascendeth from the bottomless pit

This is what the ruling class looks forward to. They hail the beast and the age of the iron mixed with clay through their gesturing

The world is transitioning in real time for the beasts arrival

Technological control, famine, pestilence, war, economic collapse, and one world governance will follow suit 

The Book of Revelation is no ancient fable. This is reality