The Conciliar Popes speak from the mouth of the Serpent

Below: the place from which the Popes speak since Paul VI is pointed out, since the architect designed the Paul VI classroom as a snake.

- "The Vatican Audience Hall, also known as Paul VI Hall or Nervi Hall, is built with a chilling design. Its architect, Pier Luigi Nervi, created an auditorium for 6,300 people with some symbols hidden, but in plain sight. You can see, from inside, how the two windows are placed in such a way that they resemble the eyes of a snake; the inside of the roof, the scaly skin; and, in the background, the mouth, with two large fangs, represented by columns.

The papal commission was decided in 1964, in the middle of the Council, and work began in 1966. The inauguration took place on July 30, 1971."