The Cross is Sacrament

April 25, 1902 – The Cross is Sacrament.

This morning I found myself outside of myself, and after going in search of my sweet Jesus, I found Him – but in such a pitiful state as to break my heart. He had His hands wounded, contracted because of the sharpness of the pain, to the point that they could not be touched. I tried to touch them in order to extend His fingers and heal His wounds, but I could not, because blessed Jesus was crying for the strong pain. Then, not knowing what to do, I squeezed Him to myself and said to Him: ‘My loving Good, it has been a while since You shared with me the pains of your wounds; maybe this is why they are so embittered. I pray You to let me share in your pains, so that, as I suffer myself, your sufferings might be lessened.’

As I was saying this, an Angel came out with a nail in his hand, and he pierced my hands and feet through. As he was driving the nail into my hands, the fingers of my dear Jesus loosened up, and His wounds were healed. And while I was suffering, the Lord told me: “My daughter, the Cross isSacrament. Each one of the Sacraments contains Its special effects – one removes sin, another confers grace, another unites one with God, another gives strength, and many other effects. But the Cross alone unites all these effects together, producing them in the soul with such effectiveness as torender her, in a very short time, similar to the original from which she came.” After this, as though wanting to take some rest, He withdrew into my interior.

April 29, 1902 – One who wants everything from God must give all of himself to God.

This morning my adorable Jesus came for a little, telling me: “My daughter, one who wants everything from God must give all of himself to God.” And He stopped, without telling me anything else for the time being. Seeing Him close to me, I said to Him: ‘Lord, have compassion on me; don’t You see how everything is dry and withered? It seems to me that I have become so dry, as if I had never received a drop of rain.’ And He: “So much the better. Don’t you know that the drier the wood, the more easily the fire devours it and converts it into fire? One spark alone is enough to ignite it. But if it is full of humors and not well dried, it takes a big fire to ignite it, and much time to convert it into fire. The same in the soul: when everything is dry, one spark alone is enough to convert her completely into fire of divine love.” And I:

‘Lord, You are making fun of me. How ugly, then, everything is; and besides, what do You have to burn if everything is dry?’ And He: “I am not making fun of you; you yourself cannot comprehend that when not everything is dry in the soul, complacency is a humor, satisfaction is a humor, one’s own taste is a humor, self-esteem is a humor. On the other hand, when everything is dry and the soul operates, these humors have no place from which to arise, and the Divine Fire, finding only the soul naked, as dry as she was created by It, with no other extraneous humors, since it is something that belongs to It, it is extremely easy for It to convert her into Its very Divine Fire. And after this, I infuse in her a garment of peace, and this peace is preserved by interior obedience, and kept by external obedience. This peace gives birth to the whole of God within the soul – that is, to all the works, the virtues and the ways of the Humanate Word – in such a way that one can see in her His simplicity, His humility, the dependency of His infantile life, the perfection of His adult virtues, the mortification and the crucifixion of His dying. But it always begins from this: one who wants the whole of Christ must give everything to Christ.”

 by the Little Daughter of the Divine Will. Luisa Piccarreta

Volume 4