The EU against air conditioning

The European Parliament has just gone one step further in welfare cuts motivated by its ultra-green tendency. Its target now is the most common air conditioning and fluorinated gases it uses. And it is no longer enough with requirements and taxes for their use. Now he wants us to say goodbye to its widespread use.

The European Parliament has just pushed a new package of rules "to minimize emissions of potent greenhouse gases, in line with the climate objectives of the EU and the world," says a communication from Brussels.

The text in question is the agreement reached with the Council to further reduce emissions of fluorinated gases. The text foresees a total phase-out of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) by 2050, "including a pathway to reduce the EU's share of consumption between 2024 and 2049".

The EU condemns household boilers to death: by 2040, gas, diesel and coal-fired boilers will have to be history