You do not understand anything at all —Jesus

My little children, what father, if he is good, abandons his children in tribulation, in days of trial or in sickness? You know - and many of you are parents - that a good father or mother does not neglect the problems of their children, but rather, they bear them with them and encourage them not to succumb to pessimism. I, Jesus, speak to you.

You who are evil know how to help your children at all times (Lk 11:13-15), I, My children, who am the same goodness, will I not know how to help you in your days of trial? Do you believe Me to be an ogre or a tyrant? I desire more than your good parents the good for you and I, being Almighty, can give it to you. Therefore, children, believe that I can and that I want to. In return I ask you for faith, trust in Me, in My Holy Mother, in St. Joseph, and in all the saints you invoke, because We hear your groans and lamentations and We know very well what you suffer from. And you, children of God, you must believe in Our goodness, in Our love and mercy and not be tortured by your situation, because I will never give you what is superior to your strength, and even so, you will not lack My grace to overcome it. I, Jesus, speak to you.

You create the problem with your earthly criteria that have nothing to do with those of Heaven. You children, you want to do things your way and you want to tie My hands so that things go as you wish and not as I wish. I desire your good and holiness more and better than you do, but you do not want to understand this, because you think that if everything goes well for you according to earthly things, it means that I love you very much, but if these plans do not work out for you, you think that I have forgotten you.

Oh children! What patience is Mine. You do not understand anything at all, you do not know how to appreciate when I, Jesus, the Redeemer, visit you with the cross, and I place it on your shoulders as I carried it, so that like Me and so that you may be more like Me in the sight of My Eternal Father, you may be other "Christs" on Earth. Whoever remains in the trial in faith, in My love, in availability in My divine plans, gives Me a glory that not even he himself could weigh in this life. So children, believe in Me at all times, in tribulation and in well-being and remain in My love (Jn 15:9-11) so that you may bear much fruit. I, Jesus, speak to you and instruct you.

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