Italy is about to be shattered, her boot is about to break!

Revelations from GOOD SHEPHERD'S HILL

Carbonia 05 March 2022 

My children, Italy is about to be shattered,

her boot is about to break!

Prepare yourselves and pray, pray, pray, ... we have reached the critical moment of history.

Now you will see the earth split open everywhere, you will see skyscrapers fall, you will see the seas swallow entire cities, ... you will see entire nations disappear.

My children, Italy is about to be shattered, her boot is about to be broken. ... ... it will cross from sea to sea!

Oh, you who have not believed in my appeals!

O you who have not believed in the mercy of God!

O you who have been scattered in the bowels of Satan, you will be lost in him, the evil spirit, the god whom you have chosen instead of your Lord Jesus Christ.

I ask again, that people far from God, that they repent quickly, ... the thunder must be felt by this Humanity!

On that day many will die of a heart attack, ... they will not understand, ... ... they will be afraid of what they will see and will try to hide, but there will be no place to hide because the Eye of God will be everywhere.

My children, fire will fall from heaven, ... It will be the purifying fire, the fire that will burn all that belongs to Satan. I weep to see the destruction that will come.

I see many children lost in the hands of Lucifer, burning in hell. They are those who have not wanted to listen to the calls of God, who have abandoned themselves to the debauchery of this world, ... who have wanted to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh and of money ... those who have sold their souls to Satan.

Pray, my children, pray to my mercy, I am tired of seeing so much evil, I am tired of waiting for the repentance of this humanity! Now I will intervene with my arm to destroy all that does not belong to me.

We are at the end of an old time, you are about to enter a new time. The New Age will belong only to the children of God!

You are about to witness the last struggle between Good and Evil. "You will see the glory of God and the defeat of Satan!"


Today I want to ask you to kneel with your heart, to give your heart to Jesus, to make yourselves completely his. Pray for his mercy, ask for his anticipated return. ... May evil be silenced, ... ... forever!

Today I reveal to you: ... The world is waiting for divine intervention, but I confirm to you that divine intervention is already on Earth. Prepare yourselves, prepare yourselves, my children. Love yourselves and love your neighbor, be an imitation of Christ, be an imitation of what is Holy! Do not lose yourselves in the miseries of Satan.

Come on, I am here with you as your Teacher, I want to educate you to be an imitation of my Son Jesus. Follow me in obedience, abandon yourselves to what I tell you, I am ordered from Heaven, I have been sent among you by our Father who is in Heaven, I have been sent to Earth for the last Work of salvation of this Humanity that, unfortunately, does not want to recognize this intervention of mine and continues to lose itself in the darkness.

Turn your heart to Jesus, turn your eyes to the Things of God, annihilate yourselves completely, no longer look to the right or to the left, no longer turn back, let your eyes and your heart be turned to the Things of God, to salvation, ... to holiness, ... to eternal life.

Go forward! I am with you, I join my Hands to yours and with you I implore God's mercy, for this time.!

Now you will see! Now you will see! Pray!