The cardinals must ask forgiveness

The cardinals must ask forgiveness for electing Jorge Mario Bergoglio as `head' of the Church, and once they have seen his destructive power, for not trying to remove or at least stop him, and for not realizing that he is an imposter.

They must humbly ask forgiveness for closing our traditional Mass parishes in addition to the closure they enacted during the `pandemic' allowing the dying, the newborn, sinners and the faithful in general to go without the Sacraments.

They need to humbly ask forgiveness for persecuting the faithful clergy and laity who defend the truth against the heresies of the false Pope

They need to humbly ask forgiveness for destroying the health of so many clergy and laity due to stress and unpleasantness.

Above all, they need to ask forgiveness for betraying our Lord Jesus Christ by allowing liturgical abuses to continue and bergoglio's pamphlets to induce sacrilegious communions and apostasy among the people.

Ask for forgiveness, give us an authentically Catholic pope, then resign and spend the rest of your lives in a monastery doing penance.

Nick Donnelly@ProtecttheFaith/MF