The children of Light shall be taken away by the Angels


How much weeping! How much sorrow! The enemy is making his way inside the Church and is now causing schism among My children, many will listen to the word of the evil man but many others will remain faithful to the True Church of GOD.

(NT: this message comes a few months after the usurpation of the vicarage of Christ by Bergoglio).

Carbonia December 21, 2013.

I am proud of you, I come to you with absolute humility, I want GOD's plan to be fulfilled in you.

My blessed children, today I consecrate you all to the triumph of my Immaculate Heart, because through you I will succeed in exterminating evil, annihilating it forever, with you I will crush the head of the ancient serpent.

I come to you my beloved children, I come as the Morning Star, I come to awaken your hearts to the Most High.

I rejoice in your sincere yes to this call here in Carbonia, on the Hill of the Good Shepherd.

I thank you and bless you in the Holy Name of Jesus my Son, the One who out of love saved mankind.

My beloved children, My little drops of light, rejoice that you have been called to follow My Son Jesus, today you cannot understand this plan in you but soon you will know it and you will be filled with joy and love and you will thank Jesus for His love for you.

It is morning for the children of the King, the New Day is dawning for the children of Love. Everything is ready for My beloved ones, everything is ready for your entrance into the High Celestial Spheres: "THE HARVEST" is imminent, you will all be beautiful and resplendent with the Light of your King.

Beloved little friends, how much love you give Me, how great is your consolation for Me, I who must fight against the beast for all the crimes and horrors committed against My children.

How great is the pain I feel and how much I weep and My tears join those of My Son Jesus.

We want to save all our children, and We want to save them "NOW", in this hour that is coming bitterly for the Church of GOD.

How much weeping! How much pain! The enemy is making his way into the Church and is now causing schism among my children! Many will listen to the word of the evil man but many others will remain faithful to the True Church of GOD.

The hour has come my children, the hour of the encounter has come, that long awaited and longed for moment has come for my children.

The clamor of the world will cover My Coming, you will not notice that the Father is in His Wrath, you will not hear Heaven when it thunders for Divine Justice.

As in the days of Noah, when they drank and were drunk and rejoiced in the things of the world, so shall it be today, but the children of Light shall be raptured  by the Angels and all shall return in love and despair shall be great for those who have walked without GOD.

I bless you, my children, and I thank you for being present here today on My Hill, where, soon, and I say soon, that Light you so long for will come to illuminate your hearts.

With all the love of a Mother, I give thanks again to my blessed children.

Mary Mother of Jesus and your Mother.