Work well

The Lord manifested that He knew the world of work very well. In his preaching he frequently uses images, parables, comparisons of the working life that he lived or that his countrymen lived.

Those who listen to him understand well the language he uses. Jesus did his work in Nazareth with human perfection, finishing it in detail, with professional competence. That is why now, when he returns to his hometown, he is known precisely as the craftsman, for his trade. He teaches us today the value of ordinary life, of work and of the tasks we must perform every day.

If our dispositions are truly sincere, God will always grant us the supernatural light to imitate the example of the Lord, seeking in our professional occupation not only to fulfill, but to abound in abnegation and sacrifice, in a loving and willing commitment. Our personal examination before the Lord and our conversation with Him will often be about those tasks that occupy us: we must go to the bottom, with courage. We must do our work conscientiously, making the time yield, without allowing ourselves to be dominated by laziness; maintain the illusion of improving our professional preparation day by day; take care of the details in our daily work; embrace with love the Cross, the fatigue of our daily work.

Work, any noble work done conscientiously, makes us sharers in Creation and co-redeemers with Christ. This truth," says John Paul II, "according to which man, through work, participates in the work of God himself, his Creator, was particularly emphasized by Jesus Christ, the Jesus before whom many of his first listeners in Nazareth were astonished and said: Where does he know these things? And what wisdom is this that has been given to him?

The years of Jesus in Nazareth are the open book where we learn to sanctify the everyday. Even the forced absence from work, sickness... is a situation willed or permitted by God to exercise the supernatural and human virtues6. Whatever you do in word or deed, let everything be done in the name of the Lord, giving thanks to God.

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