Your greatest treasure is in eternity

January 30th, 2024 -

My child,

I warn my children not to become complacent. Do not remain idle. Pray, pray with love, pray with trust, pray with confidence that you are on this earth for a mission that brings glory and honor to your Heavenly Father. Pray the Rosary and heed the calling of your heavenly mother. She is summoning her children to come back to her son, for I am Jesus. The more you pray, the greater the fruits of my love will manifest in your life. 

Come to me in humility with gratitude for all that you have been given, even your suffering. When you offer your suffering in humility and without complaint, you are united to my passion, death, and resurrection. Do not weep for the loss of treasures in this life, for your greatest treasure is in eternity. Come live in the light of my love. Come and prostrate yourself before Me in Adoration. Come to the feet of the cross and immerse yourself in the rays of my Divine Mercy, for I am the king of mercy. Now go forth for I am Jesus and be at peace, for my mercy and justice will prevail.