Copy of the Holy Shroud bled 3 times in 1947


The Shroud of Turin bleeds for three days in a row and Jesus appears with Messages.
Did you know that the image of the face of Jesus on the Shroud of Turin is an icon that has a great miracle behind it?
That it became popular precisely because of that miracle?
And that Jesus appeared to indicate that this image should be popularized everywhere, giving credibility to the Shroud of Turin?
The prodigious phenomenon of that reproduction of Jesus' face from the Shroud happened in 1947.
And the instrument Jesus used was an illiterate Italian woman who wanted to become a nun but could not.
And then the Lord appeared to her and endowed her with an immense amount of gifts.  

Today her house is a center of pilgrimage, the cause for her beatification has been opened and a documentary is being filmed, sponsored by the civil authorities, about her life and the miracle of the Holy Face of the Shroud of Turin.
Here we will talk about the never-before-seen miracle that happened with the image of Jesus' face on the Shroud, which gives credibility to the Shroud of Turin, and the messages and mission given by the Lord to the Servant of God Maria Concetta Pantusa.
The Servant of God Maria Concetta Pantusa was born in Celico Calabria in 1984.
She received Catholic education from her mother, who was a very religious woman, in secret from her father, who was a violent man, and who forbade her to be administered the sacraments.
He forbade her to be baptized and threatened the parish priest with death if she was baptized.

But her mother, without giving up, managed to bring her little girl secretly to the baptismal font, and she received the sacraments in secret thanks to the collaboration of the priest Don Vincenzo Letieri.
From an early age she felt the call to religious life, but when she asked her father for permission to become a nun, he forced her to emigrate with him to Brazil.
There she lived a life of confinement and mistreatment.
The desire to give herself to God grew more and more in her, but when she was 20 years old, her father chose her a husband.
She prayed to the Holy Spirit to know the will of the Heavenly Father.
And she received a vision, quick and concise, of what would happen in her future.
She married Vito de Marco, an Italian emigrant, on Christmas Day 1914, and on that day, for the first time, she was able to approach the Eucharist.
The following year Maria Carmela was born of that marriage.
A year after the birth of her daughter, Maria returned to Italy and settled with her husband and daughter near Bari.
But her husband died in the First World War.
And so she finds refuge again in her parents' home.
And there she experienced a terrible ordeal.
For a year she remained blind and immobile, paralyzed in her lower limbs.
And she was unexpectedly cured through the intercession of Our Lady.
But she had little time to resume her occupations, because she was expelled from home by her father, who had no intention of giving her free food.

Left alone with her little girl, she threw herself with all her spirit into apostolic works as president of the "Daughters of Mary".
She was illiterate, and yet she was preferred by the parish priest to all the other educated women.
She worked as a mop with the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Redipiano and in May 1930, she left for Airola, in the province of Benevento, to ask for admission to the monastery of the Poor Clares of Airola.
She went in the company of her daughter Maria Carmela and Speranza Pettinato, who wrote a diary recording Maria Concetta's mystical experiences.
However, the Poor Clares took in only Maria Carmela.
And then she and Speranza opened a nursery in Via Monteoliveto with the bishop's permission.  
In that diary we mentioned above, the gifts she received are recorded: prophecy, miracles, levitation.
She had mysterious trips to purgatory, those who surrounded her felt intense perfumes on her and flower petals scattered by invisible hands.
She had visions of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin, the Guardian Angel, and various saints such as St. Joseph and St. Gemma Galgani.
And many times she had personal encounters with angels and also with demons.
She received the stigmata of the Passion of Christ in 1936.
She was in ecstasy when Jesus appeared to her radiating a very bright light and she felt a sharp pain in her hands, feet and heart.

And he noticed blood-dripping wounds on his hands and feet, which disappeared at the end of 1939, while the one on his side dissolved in 1952, the year before his death.  
And on February 17, 1947, something never seen before happened.
In the humble room where he lived, for three hours, from 1 to 4 p.m., an image of the face of the Holy Face, a copy of the Shroud of Turin, gushed blood, as if it were a spring, from his head and eyes.
This phenomenon was repeated on February 28 and, for the third time, on March 4.
And from that day on, miraculous events followed one after the other.
The Lord appeared to her, and Maria Concetta asked Him, "Lord, why all this blood in our house?"
And she received the answer, "It is the thrice-bloody Holy Face!".
"For priests and for sinners, Pray! Make amends! Make amends!".
And in that year and in the following years, numerous images were covered with blood, especially during the days of the Passion.
And fresh and fragrant roses appeared in photographs, notebooks and books.
Jesus called the house of Airola: "the house of roses".
"This house, wherever you look, is bathed in my blood."
And he gave Maria Concetta a mission,
"My beloved daughter! I would like My image to be widely distributed. I want to enter into every family, to convert the hardest hearts. Take Me to hospitals and shelters, to schools and kindergartens. Speak to everyone of My infinite mercy and love."

"I desire that My Divine Face should speak to the hearts of all and that My image impressed in the heart and soul of every Christian should shine with Divine splendor, while now it is wasted by sin."  
"By My holy face the world will be saved!".
The shedding of blood from the Holy Face of Maria Concetta would later be recognized by the Bishop as an inexplicable miracle.
Everyone in Airola called her Sister Concetta, although she was a widow who had not taken religious vows and they saw her as a "living saint".
Her life was filled with great pain, but she never ceased to love her neighbor unconditionally.
Maria Concetta lived in via Monteolivetto in poverty and generous service to the humble for more than 23 years.
She left this land at 3 p.m. on Passion Friday 1953, a date she herself had chosen 3 years ago and granted by Jesus.  
Her mortal remains were buried in the Chapel of the Cemetery of the Passionists of Airola.
They were transferred in 1981 to the sanctuary of the Volto Santo in Via Monteolivetto where she had lived for many years and died.
Since then, this place has become a constant pilgrimage destination, but especially on February 17.
On February 17, 2007, his cause for beatification was officially presented.
Maria Carmela, the 91-year-old daughter of the Servant of God, was in the front row, visibly moved.
In the meantime, a documentary "The Servant of God" is being filmed about her life.

In the meantime, a documentary "The Servant of God", about her life, is being filmed with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Airola.