A meteor will hit the earth!



Carbonia 01.05.2024

A meteor will hit the earth!

The things of God remain with God!

Charity and love always, with all, respect My will O men, be imitators of Me, Christ Jesus.

Beloved children, place yourselves ready to flee to My shelters: a great silence will lead to a great explosion: ...a meteor will strike the Earth!

Solar explosions in progress!

Crops will be lost. Springs will be dried up. Life on Earth will become unlivable.

Place yourselves safely in Me, My children, My grace will be upon all those who have heard My Word and done My holy will, they will be sheltered in My shelters where nothing bad will happen.

Beloved children, oh you who still do not want to understand that I am the one, the only and true God. When you are tried by great sorrow, you will seek Me, eh,...if you seek Me!!!

For not listening to My appeals, sent to you through My prophets, you will cause your own suffering.

I will pass this humanity to the crucible, I will purify it with fire!!!

Beloved My creatures, it is your Creator God who speaks to you, set yourselves to listen to My Word and wait no more time to return to Me.

I am ready, My sufficient will determine history, all that is old will pass away to make room for the New Things of God. Amen.