I mourn for you, young people


Sundays are days that should be dedicated to God and should be sanctified, because Sunday is to give glory to God and not to demons. I, Jesus, speak to you.

There are less and less people and families that sanctify Sunday, because the customs have become so pagan and materialistic that people only think about fun and food and do not remember their Heavenly Father who is also their Creator. I, Jesus, speak to you. Young people wait for Sunday to live a dissolute life full of bad and sinful actions. On Sunday, they get drunk, they take drugs, they fornicate and claim to have had a great time, but what is left inside their souls? Are they happy?

My children, you are racing towards Hell. You are not moving slowly towards damnation, but at breakneck speed, because you live animalized, so exempt from the spiritual that you do not even think that you have other options that, apart from making your existence happy, would lead you to Eternal Life. I, Jesus, who am Truth, speak to you.

Then, My children, you, the young people, you also pair up with people like yourselves, empty of God, without anything of the spiritual, and so it goes. When you are satiated with fornication, you look for another partner because you are fed up with the first one and so on. What should I do with you? Tell me, what should I do?

You want nothing to do with the Church, NOTHING, but neither do you want anything to do with Me, your Redeemer, you love only yourselves, because you do not even love your parents, since you consider them to be old-fashioned, namby-pamby, old-fashioned, although many of your parents and educators are quite to blame for your degeneration because of how little they watch over you and how little they make an effort to attract you to healthier paths. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Today My sorrow is for you, the young boys and girls of the whole world, young people of all nationalities, I do not exclude anyone. I ask you for conversion of habits and conversion of soul, for if not, My children, I would have to punish you even in spite of Myself, for if you do not discard sin from your lives and you accumulate one sin after another, the final day of your existence will come when your soul will only serve to satisfy the demons. I, Jesus, speak to you and warn you. My peace to all who put this message into practice.