Jesus is always close to us

In the Gospel of the Mass6 we read how Jesus teaches his disciples, during the Last Supper, that in Heaven they have a place prepared for them, so that they may be with him for all eternity and that they already know the way.... The conversation continues with questions from the disciples and answers from the Master. It is then that Philip intervenes, with a request that to all might seem unusual: Lord, show us the Father and this is enough for us. And Jesus, with an affectionate reproach, answers him: Philip, how long have I been with you and you have not known Me? 

He who has seen Me has seen the Father; how can you say: Show us the Father? How many times, perhaps, would Jesus have to make the same reproach to us as He did to Philip! As many times as I have been with you and you have not realized it! And the Lord could enumerate one occasion after another, difficult circumstances in which perhaps we found ourselves alone and we were not serene because we lacked the sense of our divine filiation, the closeness of God. How much good Jesus' response to this Apostle does us today, because in him we are also represented.

Jesus reveals the Father; the Most Holy Humanity of Christ is the way to know and deal with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Contemplation of Jesus is the ordinary way to reach the Most Blessed Trinity.

In Christ we have the supreme revelation of God to mankind. "He, by his presence and manifestation, by his words and works, signs and miracles, especially by his Death and glorious Resurrection, by the sending of the Spirit of truth, brings the whole of Revelation to its fullness and confirms it with divine testimony, namely, that God is with us to free us from the darkness of sin and death, and to raise us to eternal life".7 He fills our life completely. He is sufficient for you," says St. Augustine; "apart from him, nothing is. Philip knew this well when he said to him: Lord, show us the Father and it is enough for us "

Hablar con Dios