The northern lights warn of impending catastrophe —Carbonia

Carbonia 12.05.2024

Now, all light will be extinguished, darkness will ravage the souls of those estranged from God.

The northern lights warn of impending catastrophe.


Repent, O men, repent!!!!

I wait with love for the awakening of your hearts, I wait to have you back to Me, to hold you to My bosom, to give you of Me in peace and love.

Jesus, in His infinite Love, watches over His children and leads them to His Holy fold.

This is the hour of your choice oh men, do not delay any longer, do not allow the Devil to seduce you with his falsehoods, remedy your life by returning to Life. Now, all light will be extinguished, darkness will devastate the souls of those far from God.

The northern lights warn you of an impending catastrophe.

The wrath of God is about to fall upon this perverse Humanity, drunk with the poison of Satan, God is tired of seeing the abomination among men.

My children, you do not want to repent, you continue to deny Me, prefer Lucifer to Me! You commit the greatest mistake of your lives, you give yourselves to Death!

Behold, I anticipate My intervention, ... Enough!

My Prophets continue their mission in Me, for your salvation.

I hear the lament of My Prophets, exhausted in their struggle against Satan. They remain faithful to Me, they long to be reunited with their Father, they love their Creator God, they long to enter the New Age.

Ah, how much pain, My children! How much pain in you: I relive My Calvary, My Passion, in you, you are My consolation, thank you for your fiat in totus tuus, to Me.

My blessed children, a little more and everything will be renewed in Me. Go forward with courage, trust in Me, sing a new song to your King, He comes to welcome you into Himself.

Glorify your God with your lives, oh men, it is no longer time to invest in earthly things, ... Heaven is opening before you.

Prepare yourselves! Pray. Heal your spirit, do not forget that you are children of God, turn to Him, prepare to meet Him, lighten the burden of your sins, purify yourselves.

The lightness of soul, ... is your health!

God the Father:

My dear children, it is your Father in Heaven who now speaks to you, who calls you back to Himself, with so much Love. He is waiting for you to give you to enjoy Himself.

A new Era is dawning upon this Humanity, God's people will enjoy His benefits, God's creatures will enter anew to inhabit a new world in the eternal joy of Love.

Tremble hardened hearts, this is your hour.