Closing the Occult Third Eye


  We were getting to the end of the possession. Most of the demons had left with just the leader and a small cohort remaining. The leader was greatly weakened and "on fire." I had been using the "Prayer of Liberation from the Spirit of Divination" developed by our friends in the Philippines.* This was important because the woman had been involved in witchcraft, as had her mother and other ancestors before her.

It was time to close the "Occult Third Eye." I blessed her forehead with exorcized oil and prayed three times: "Occult Third Eye given by the spirit of divination, I command you, in the Name of +Jesus to be closed and never to be opened again." There was an ear-piercing scream! Wow! That definitely hit a demonic nerve.

It had been clear throughout the possession that her Occult Third Eye was opened, that is, she was bonded to the demons and thus she had access to some of their thoughts and perceptions, just as they had access to some of hers. There is a kind of symbiotic relationship between the demons and a possessed soul.

It appears that some demons actually like to inhabit an incarnate soul. For example, I once commanded a demon to tell me: "Why don't you leave?" The demon responded, "I like it here!" No doubt it's better than being in hell- although wherever they go, they "take their hell" with them.

In subsequent sessions, we repeated the ritual of closing the third eye. Over the course of the process of closing the third eye (that is- her eye into the demonic world and their eye into hers), the demons texted us several times: "I cannot see or breathe I am finished." "My eyes are burned to ashes." "I can't breathe Stephen. Doesn't this bother you?" "I cannot see anymore. He took my final eye away." Of course, it is important to take all demonic communications with a grain of salt. They are inveterate liars and manipulators. But occasionally God makes them tell the truth.

Many mediums, spiritualists and occultists claim to have insight into the spiritual world. Some of them actually do, but unfortunately it typically comes through the workings of demons. Using a demonic channel only further bonds the user to the Dark World. And whatever you get from such an evil channel is never good.

We have a safe and holy means to access the Triune God and the heavens: prayer in Jesus. In Him, we might not get tantalizing knowledge or the information we want. But we need to trust that whatever the Lord chooses to give, it is what we should have. Whatever the Lord gives is always for our benefit and contributes to our happiness. 


*The laity are welcome to use the prayer "Consecration to Mary for the Closing of the Occult Third Eye" found on our APP/website under Deliverance Prayers for the Laity.

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