The liquid analyzed is human blood -Mexico

It goes without saying that we are skeptical, not about phenomenology but about what the authorities can say, especially with the new "norms to proceed in the discernment of presumed supernatural phenomena" that give ample margin to say anything except that there is something of an extraordinary character, much less supernatural, which has been reserved for the Popes.

That said, in a Tik Tok account that updates the alleged hematihidrosis (that is how they call this phenomenon, although we Catholics understand little or nothing about these things) of an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe that occurred in a home within the jurisdiction of the parish of the Most Holy Trinity of the Archdiocese of Morelia, Mexico, they have posted two videos in which the pastor, Fr. José de Jesús Alcázar, talking about the first findings derived from the analysis of the material taken, presumably blood, confirming to the family that owns the image and other people present, that it is indeed blood what they found in those first samples. In another part the priest says that it is uncontaminated blood and that perhaps today, Sunday, or tomorrow, Monday, he will provide more information.

It is not surprising that now the archdiocese comes out to say that the parish priest did not speak officially, that what he said in the video was not known in the archdiocese, that they are not responsible there and that what concerns this phenomenology will be reported directly by the chancellery or the communications office or something similar.

Later on, it could be communicated that the first tests are not conclusive, that the material was not taken following the pertinent protocols, that it is necessary to take new samples, etc.

Another element that plays against is that the priest does not seem to have assumed an attitude of discouraging the faithful -which is usually disguised with the adjective "prudence" or other equivalent- but he also seems to be very enthusiastic about the events and it would not be strange if someone ad hoc was appointed for the case, skeptical of course, who would be in direct contact with the archbishop, taking authority and knowledge of the events away from the parish priest.

Do you see how anyone, even us, can apply the norms of Tucho in the spirit in which they were created?