The choices of the rulers will cause chaos


Message of the Queen of the Rosary given to Gisella on June 15, 2024

Dear daughter, thank you for welcoming me of your heart. Daughter, I am a Mother in sorrow for all the evil I see in humanity! This perverse humanity that does not want to return to the Creator. My children, look around you, do you not see that time has changed? The crops no longer bear fruit! What are you waiting for? Pray, pray a lot without getting tired. Feed yourselves on the Body of Christ and confess so that you may always be ready and cleansed of all sin. 

My children, the choices of the rulers will cause chaos. 

My children, pray for France so that small revolutionary groups will not create irreparable damage. 

My children, always have your eyes straight to Heaven. 

Ask forgiveness and mercy for the evil that reigns in the world. Allow yourselves to be taken by the hand, to lead you on the right path. Abandon ego and wickedness! 

Do not be tempted by Satan's cunning, but overcome him with the protection of my angels and especially with the recitation of the daily Holy Rosary. 

Listen to my words; they are the words of a Mother concerned for her children. Ask during prayer, the guidance of the Holy Spirit for your daily choices.  I love you and bless you, in the Name of the Father of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.