"If you want you can"

It seems as if St. Paul felt his limitations here in a very vivid way, together with the occasions in which he contemplated the greatness of God and of his mission as an Apostle. At times we too have glimpsed in our lives "generous goals, goals of sincerity, goals of perseverance.... and yet we have, as it were, buried in our souls, as if in the depths of who we are, a kind of root of weakness, of lack of strength, of dark impotence... and this sometimes makes us sad and we say: I cannot "6. We see what the Lord expects of us in that situation or in those circumstances, but perhaps we find ourselves weak and tired before the trials and difficulties that we must overcome: "Intelligence - enlightened by faith - shows you clearly not only the way, but the difference between the heroic and the stupid way of traveling it. Above all, it sets before you the greatness and divine beauty of the undertakings that the Trinity leaves in our hands.

"Feeling, on the other hand, attaches itself to everything you despise, even while you consider it contemptible. It seems as if a thousand trifles were waiting for any opportunity, and as soon as - through physical fatigue or loss of supernatural vision - your poor will weakens, those trifles crowd and churn in your imagination, until they form a mountain that weighs you down and discourages you: the harshness of work,   the resistance to obey; the lack of means; the flares of a gifted life; small and large repugnant temptations; bouts of sentimentality; fatigue; the bitter taste of spiritual mediocrity? And, at times, also fear: fear because you know that God wants you to be a saint and you are not.

"Allow me to speak to you crudely. You have too many "motives" to turn your face away, and you lack the courage to correspond to the grace He grants you, because He has called you to be another Christ, "ipse Christus!" -the same Christ. You have forgotten the Lord's admonition to the Apostle: "My grace is sufficient for you," which is a confirmation that, if you want to, you can "7.

My grace is sufficient for you. These are words that the Lord addresses to each one of us today so that we may be filled with strength and hope in the face of the trials that lie before us. Our very weakness will help us to rejoice in the power of Christ, will teach us to love and to feel the need to be always very close to Jesus. The same defeats, the unfulfilled projects will lead us to exclaim: When I am weak, then I am strong, because Christ is with me.

When temptation or setbacks or fatigue become greater, the devil will try to insinuate mistrust, discouragement and misguidance. That is why today we must learn the lesson that St. Paul gives us: Christ is then especially present with his help; it is enough for us to turn to him. And we will also be able to say with the Apostle:  I will gladly glory all the more in my infirmities, in my weaknesses, in my reproaches, in my necessities, in my persecutions and distresses, for Christ's sake .....

Hablar con Dios