Meeting the Antichrist


Faith is the only weapon against the Antichrist

You need a strong faith, because faith gets you out of this "black room" into which the Antichrist
has dragged you within a fraction of a second.
When you realize: "I feel terrible. What has happened to me? I can only look at this man. I just want to think about his ideas. But somehow it's unpleasant. It makes me feel bad."
When this situation arises, Jesus advises you to turn to Him, to His Holy Mother, to God or to His guardian angels. In any case, you should look “above.” That is the strategy. This will help.

A patient hunter

The next section of the vision shows a map of the Middle East, the Jordan region, Iran, Iraq and
The war there enables the Antichrist to literally "get a foot in the door".
It allows him to get into the game, to get involved. All this is in preparation.
Again, he is like a cat in front of a mouse hole, waiting extremely patiently. Cats can wait for
hours for their opportunity. He is a good hunter.
For example, the visionary's cat waited for years until its hour had come and it managed to
capture the family's budgie at night.
And so it is with the Antichrist. He waits for a certain constellation, favorable circumstances so that he can take advantage.
He is shown to the visionary once again. He wears glasses. He can be seen as a hologram again.
Jesus asks us to pay attention to our gut feeling when the person described enters the world
stage - at the same time, your stomach may tighten, you may have a strange feeling in your
stomach. Sensitive people may be able to sense more quickly that something is wrong.

A smile that makes your blood run Cold
Perhaps it can be compared to the smile of the "Joker" character in the film "Batman".
It's a very wide and nasty grin. It looks disgusting. And the repulsive feeling you get when you
look at it is the same as the smile of the Antichrist.
A smile like that must be a warning. That's why it's important to pay close attention to the signs,
because it won't be long before he comes.
He is already preparing himself. He's just not visibly there yet.
The "new Messiah"?

His global political ideas will seem very nice and it will look as if he is being helpful.
He will also be portrayed by others as a very special person, as holding a very special position
and he deserves this position. They will claim that he can do a lot of good for everyone.
He has the special trick, the decisive idea to bring peace, to establish peace. It will actually be as
if he were the Messiah. Which of course he is not.
But it will be portrayed that way and he himself will also portray it as if he were the second Messiah.
"He is the savior. He is goodness personified." As if he were the second Jesus. There will be
voices claiming that he is the reborn Jesus Christ.

A new religion

Then it will go in the direction of religion. He offers to follow him. He also seems to have
fabulous ideas about faith. A new religious community or church will be formed.
It will be revolutionary ideas, religious revolutionary ideas, as if the existence of the old church
is completely outdated and obsolete.
He will say something like: "I am Christian. Believe in me. I am the gospel. But I am the new
gospel! Suffering, standing up for others, suffering for others and even dying for others, that's
ridiculous. Who else does something like that? We'll do it differently now."

Here too he will also manipulate cleverly and do something with the institution of the church.
He tries to lead people down his path - away from Jesus.
This man will start to interfere in terms of faith and he will want to take us away from Jesus.
He will start to reinterpret everything.
God can also be interpreted differently. Like: "God, what is that anyway? Isn't it actually
something inside us?" He will spout unbelievable nonsense. But people will believe him.
It will start gently, but the pull of this person will become stronger and stronger and only when
it is too late will you realize that you have fallen into his trap, that it is harmful. At some point,
his statements, ideas and actions will become more extreme and worse.
He will introduce very violent things. However, by then it will be too late because he will already
be commanding the masses.
It is extremely important to Jesus that we recognize the Antichrist.

Only prayer helps

What helps out of the pull is praying, praying and praying again - connecting with God.
Nothing else will help. Establish a connection to heaven in some way.
As soon as you realize it, you must immediately establish a connection above, to the pure
source of love, to the light.
The source, the creator, God, the light. The light will set you free.
The vision shows how someone is sitting in their room and is completely absorbed by it.
One sentence is enough: "Jesus, you have to help me!" Thought or spoken and help is
immediately at hand. Jesus will intervene very strongly during this time. Individually,
personally, with every person.
He will be there - always.
But it is of crucial importance that you ask Jesus, the Light, for help out of your own free will.

There is only one God

The next section of the vision shows a mountain on which the Antichrist stands.
It is reminiscent of Moses who received the ten commandments. This man also wants to enact
it. The Antichrist will stand on this mountain,
stretching his arms upwards, towards a lightning bolt. This is an exciting event.
He will pretend to have an epiphany. He will claim to be God.
Jesus wants to remind us: There is only one Jesus Christ! There is only one God. He always
remains the same and it doesn't matter what name he has. God is always the same. There is
only one.
It won't be this man! It is very important to Jesus that this is observed.

The visionary feels Jesus' presence, she feels His love. It is very simple and yet very powerful.
He is like a friend. He comforts us when we are feeling bad. He builds us up. He shows us ways.
He warns us humans. He is both incredibly great and incredibly simple at the same time.
He would never present himself in this manner. The appearance, the theater, the acting, the
bang effects with drums and trumpets - the Antichrist loves to make a grand entrance. Extreme
caution is required.
The visionary hears: "Mount Sinai." She sees him standing on Mount Sinai. He has a goat with
He organizes a grand staging of himself with light effects and flashes. He wants to demonstrate
his supposed divinity and superiority - how outstanding he is.
There is something threatening about this spectacle. It is intended to lead people away from the
good, to confuse them. He wants to drag all people into the abyss. He wants to lead all people
into darkness. He wants to lead them away from faith, from what they really are.
To distract them from their divine spark. He will supposedly achieve this for a while. Until Jesus
appears and puts an end to the dark deeds.
But it will be some time before then.

Persecution of Christians

The Antichrist will be on the lookout for Christians. He will not only try to confuse people to the
extreme and get them to follow him in matters of faith. He also wants to wipe out everythingChristian, everything that reminds people of Jesus in any way. Anything that has to do with Him,
all His followers, His church, His community of faith - must be burned, banished and destroyed.
He will be on the lookout for Christians and persecute them. He will use violence, because in truth he is a very cruel man.

Bringer of peace?

The visionary sees his image standing on a pedestal that is constantly moving upwards.
He will not be in that position right away. He will rise over time - across positions.
He will remain in the same position and this will become more and more important.
He will initially appear very inconspicuous.
At first he will be the bringer of peace in the wars. It will be said that he will bring peace to the
strained world situation - the wars that have broken out.
These will spread like wildfires across many more countries. It will take up more and more
space, as if everything will be on fire at some point.
He walks through these flames, but he doesn't mind. Because he comes from hellfire.
He can walk through the fire because he is made of hellfire. He will pretend to put out the fires.
He is like a wizard who can command fire. The fires, like the wars, will calm down as if by magic.
The visionary sees him on a map and everything around him is on fire and he snaps his fingers
and the fire extinguishes.

Take care of your children

The next section of the vision shows a mother handing over her baby to someone.
She thinks someone might be helping her with her child. Then other children with darker skin,
dark hair and eyes of different ages can be seen. They sit together.
The Antichrist takes these children into his teaching. It is as if he is bewitching them.
They now also have strange eyes like his. One little boy in particular has very red eyes.
A market-shaking sight. They are targeting the children. Caution is advised.
This is a warning to all mothers and parents. Take good care of the children at this time!

Jesus: "Pass on my blessing, child of truth. Pass on my words. Do not be shy. Time is short.
Thank you. Pass on my words!"
Jesus embraces the visionary with His love.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen