School takes Christian kids to pray at mosque


Children instructed to put 'elbows on the ground'
Published: 2 days ago
A stunning video has been discovered showing mostly Christian children in the Netherlands being taken to a local mosque and taught to participate in Islamic prayer.
The London Express reported infuriated parents are demanding the school change the curriculum

The paper said the mosque is the Ghulzar e Madino in Zwolle, where radical preachers from Pakistan visited.
The preachers include M Anas Noorani Siddiqui, “who promoted the death penalty for those who insult the Prophet Muhammad and once said the ‘non-Islamic Dutch behave like dogs and b******,'” the Express said.
In the video, with boys and girls separated, the Christians are told to put their elbows “on the ground.”

The video, apparently some months old, came to the attention of the parents when a Dutch lawmaker, Harm Beertema, 64, saw it and demanded that schools stop sponsoring “politically correct activities.”

“Refuse to allow your child to participate in such ‘away-with-our-culture’ excursions. You are deciding, not the school,” he told parents.
The parents object to school minimums that call for children to “learn the main points about the religions which play a big role in the multicultural Dutch society.”