Liberals Never Have Vocations

Gloria TV

Condemned: The Argentinean Supreme Court confirmed a 15-year prison sentence for Father Julio César Grassi for abuse of minors. Grassi became famous for his work for children, he had his own radio show and was well connected to politics. After Grassi's first condemnation in 2010 he was not stripped of his priestly faculties. The Argentinean Bishops' Conference headed by Cardinal Bergoglio even commissioned four books that strongly defended Grassi.  

Liberals Never Have Vocations: Munich Cardinal Marx' Seminary received only one new seminarian in 2016. This is not surprising as liberal bishops never attract vocations. The same happened to Cardinal Bergoglio in Buenos Aires. When Bergoglio took over the diocese there were 40-50 vocations a year, when he left this number was down to 12, despite the fact that vocations were up in some other Argentinean dioceses. 

Catholic University: Stéphane Mercier, philosophy professor at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, was attacked by the media for having presented in his class a text that defined abortion as the homicide of an innocent person. The Catholic University quickly published a statement saying that Mercier's statement contradicts the values of the university. Quote: "Conveying positions contrary to these values in the context of teaching is unacceptable." 

Radical Theologian:The theologian Alberto Melloni, a leading defender of Pope Francis in Italy, writes in the anti-Church La Repubblica that - quote - "After five centuries the figure of the priest is about to disappear." He calls the priesthood - quote - "a formidable invention of the sixteenth century." In reality the priesthood was instituted by Christ.