You need only to love me, and to be united to Me

The love of the cross. Sister Natalia Magdolna

The Lord said to me:

There are only a few sacerdotal souls that love the cross. Many of them do not even want to hear suffering and self-denial spoken of. This is because they do not request of Me to possess love for suffering. The priests must also request daily love of the cross for themselves, and for the souls entrusted to them. If they did this, they would attain the grace of love of suffering; suffering would become pleasant for them, and they could make heroic acts. I would annihilate in them everything that could extinguish love, and would increase in them love of the cross. I would give them the gift of poor and humble love. They would receive the mystical grace of being able to find the special secrets of my Heart. I would like to present to them this special grace at this time, in which the selected sufferings of my chosen ones are near. On one occasion, Jesus taught me this prayer:

My Lord, give me the grace to love Suffering as You did.
Give me the grace to carry my cross As You did.

My Lord, give me the grace to always Recognize and to do your Will And to remain always united to You, Glorifying you in everything that I do. Mary, Mother of Jesus and my Mother, Teach me to love suffering. Amen.

In one of my visions, Jesus addressed a group of priests, saying to them:
- My Priests, I love you! Come to my divine Heart that is open for you and awaits you. This Heart is not only mine but it belongs to all those whom I love. Come to this warm home, so that I can intensify you; purify and immerse yourselves in my divine power. 

You need only to love me, and to be united to Me. If you love Me this way, I will not only lead you to Calvary but also to Tabor. Oh soul! Why are you so empty? Oh Gol- gotha! Why are you so abandoned? Oh, Sin, Oh Flesh, Oh Hell! Why so populated? Some priests are so full of the world and themselves, that they do not have any place for Me in their souls. They do not even want to accept the graces that I want to give them. They despise my mercy and say: "It is enough if we love the Savior,” and they never think that their love should resemble Mine. Thus they block my efforts to increase their faith and they replace it with their false love. The true food of love is suffering, and with this food I nourish all souls.