American Rabbi defends Fatima

A Jew: In a May 4th video, American Rabbi Mayer Schiller stated that it is important for mankind as a whole that the Church takes everything that was said in Fatima seriously. Schiller is a Hasidic rabbi based in Monsey, New York. A 

Fearful Church: The failure to consecrate Russian symbolizes for Rabbi Schiller - quote - "an impotent, weak Church, unwilling to wage war, unwilling to teach a mankind that has deserted God." He adds: "It is a fearful Church." A Scandal: According to Rabbi Schiller, Fatima presents a scandal to the Conciliar Church because it takes faith and morals very seriously. Quote: "The Conciliar Church infected as it is with relativism, subjectivism and religious pluralism, would like to put Fatima away somewhere.” 

An Embarrassment: According to Schiller, Pope Francis, "fears that the consecration of Russia would give too much credence to traditionalist forces in the Church," and: "It would be an embarrassment to him, among his progressive friends, and among the mainstream of the Church. And it would make those people that he has singled out for excommunication, for criticisms, seem a little more credible. That's the least thing he wants.” 

Dismay: Rabbi Schiller believes that the Catholic Church exercises a - quote - "profoundly positive effect upon mankind." He adds: "Therefore I view with increasing dismay the dismantling of the Catholic Faith in the aftermath of the Second Vatican Council."