Your smallest efforts will be rewarded in a truly unprecedented manner

December 22, 2003. God the Father, Direction for OurTimes, Ireland

My children, I have called you. I have pleaded with you. I have explained to you why you must return to Me. You should come back to My heart and remain with Me now in the spirit of loyalty and love. If you have a difficult time and feel pulled by the world, know that this conflict is your portion. 

You are earning your heaven by your detachment from the earth. You are showing Me that you are trying to become worthy of heaven and that you are preparing yourself. 

Children, the smallest efforts on your part will be rewarded in a truly unprecedented manner. The children of the world have been led far astray at this time but I come now to bring them back. I do not judge you at this time. I love you. I come to you in all patience and understanding. Come to Me in the spirit of obedience and you will move swiftly on a straight path that leads directly to holiness. No fear now, My children. I have only good intentions for you. Be at peace in everything. 

Your God will protect you and preserve you.