Goodbye Piercings!

An Italian priest came to Medjugorje for Pentecost with a group of young people. When he saw that most of them had tattoos and piercings, he took each one of them privately to one side and explained to t
hem how God asks his people not to make tattoos, nor incisions. (Leviticus 19:28″You are not to make incisions in your flesh on account of the dead nor submit to cuts or tattoos. I am the LORD”).

 But no one gave up their piercings. During the night, he spent hours praying and entrusted them all to Our Lady, telling her, “It is for you to act, as for me, I failed!” The next morning the group went to the Blue Cross for the apparition of Mary to Mirjana. Back at the pansion, what a surprise! Each one of these youth came to the priest to give him their piercings. Not one was missing!

The Priest smiled, and speaking to Our Lady, he told her, “What I could not do, you did!” He put all the piercings in an envelop and put them down at the site of the apparitions. Our Lady likes flowers a lot, but when we give up something harmful, it seems that she appreciates it even more!

Sister Emmanuel