Leading exorcist appeals for improved seminary formation

Catholic World News

June 23, 2017

In an address to members of the Congregation for the Clergy, the chairman of the International Association of Exorcists appealed for an improved formation of seminarians.
Those in charge of training seminarians, in light of the Gospel and of the Church teachings, should instruct them about the real existence, substance and nature of the demonic world,” said Father Francesco Bamonte.

“The scant attention paid by seminaries and theological faculties to the demonic world today, and even its denial by some professors,” he continued, “is an extremely worrying factor.”
Poor seminary formation, said Father Bamonte, leaves priests unable to guarantee a profound spiritual direction … unable to offer the faithful a suitable catechesis on the devil’s activities, and unable to address the serious problems related to the rise in occult practices we have seen in recent decades, which has opened the door for the devil’s ever more virulent and powerful action in society.