Together We are changing your world

January 1, 2006 Jesus Direction for our times. Ireland

My apostles hear My voice and know that their Savior speaks. More and more I will speak to My apostles in their souls, directing their actions. I am returning at this very moment through each one of you. Can a plan be more perfect? Bring others to Me so that I can flow into the world through each of them, also. 

Dear friends of the Savior, together We are changing your world. When souls feel fear, We will bring calm. When souls feel anger, We will bring forgiveness. When souls feel abandoned, We will bring love. When souls feel great grief, We will bring comfort. And when souls see death, We will bring them to an acceptance of heaven so that they understand eternal life. Many in the world today do not understand their inheritance. 

This creates a fear of death that prevents souls from living fully. 

If a soul accepts the Truth about eternity, that soul works for Me because the soul knows that glory only lasts if it is obtained for heaven. The glory of heaven is love and is obtained by how much one loved on earth. Souls will be disappointed when they look back on their life if their life was lived in selfishness and if their purpose in life was to obtain worldly goods. This will be a disappointment for them, for Me, and for their families if their families were led astray by this flawed vision of the purpose of life. If you realign the purpose in your life, I will then help to realign the purpose for each member of your family. This is My promise to you. 

Make Me, Jesus Christ, the purpose of your life, and I will work through you to claim the world. How can I help the world through you and through the life I have given you? How you can set an example so that others will identify Me in you and in your actions? Think on this, My beloved apostle. Meditate on this. Give Me the time to direct your soul because your soul and your life on earth are necessary to My plan. We do not want the Kingdom to lose souls because you lived a flawed purpose. This will not happen, of course, because you are listening to Me. But you must give Me the time each day to work in your soul, to communicate with you, to restore the precious calm that is Our gift to the world at this time. This becomes more important each day. I send calm to you. You bring it to others. 

I send more calm to you, and you bring more calm to others. Do not be afraid when you do not feel calm. This means simply that the world has taken your calm and you must come back to Me so that I can give you more. This will work but in order for it to work you must make your commitment to prayer time. Consider today and each day what time is My time. When will you sit in silence so that I can communicate with you? If you do not have a set time, perhaps you will set one now. I love you totally. I rely on you, My dearest apostle. I am grateful to you in the extreme and I am blessing your loved ones. I will keep My part of the bargain. Accept My gift of calm in your life and I will direct you in everything. Then your life will be lived for God’s purposes and truly, My kingdom will come.