"Benedict XVI is missed so much, like never before!"

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, a former president of the Vatican Bank, was asked by the Italian newspaper Libero how he assesses the present position of the Catholic Church in comparison with the one of Benedict XVI's who said that "before asserting the right to emigrate we need to assure the right not to emigrate."

Gotti's answer, "It is better if I do not answer this question, I would risk to be 'excommunicated'.... Benedict XVI is missed so much, like never before! Migration is more and more palpably planned, above all in order to 'help' our country [Italy], where the highest moral authority in the world resides, to change and to open up to 'multiculturalism' oriented toward religious syncretism, necessary to prevent 'religious wars'. I'm afraid that unfortunately we will not be able to question anything anymore."