Sacrilegious Communions Re-Crucify Christ

Church Militant. 

St. John Vianney: "You are going to trample on the adorable Blood of Jesus Christ"

As St. Joseph protected the infant Christ held by the Blessed Virgin Mary, so St. John Vianney protected Our Lord, Whom he himself held with his own hands, from sacrilegious Holy Communion by those steeped in grave sin.
This patron saint of parish priests, speaking in one of his fiery homilies to those living in mortal sin, warned that they re-crucify Our Lord by receiving Him while being in a state of grave sin:
How great is his fear ... when he goes to Confession or wants to go to Holy Communion! ... where he has been giving himself over to many kinds of licentiousness ... when he is going to deceive his confessor by hiding the worst of his actions and thus obtain permission to go to Holy Communion or, rather, to commit a sacrilege? 
The only man to be canonized by the Church as a parish pastor added:
[Y]ou are going to trample on the adorable Blood of Jesus Christ; you are going to sell your God like Judas sold Him to His executioners, and tomorrow you will go to Holy Communion, where you will proceed to crucify Him. What horror! What abomination! Go on, vile Judas, go to the holy table, go and give death to your God and your Saviour! Let your conscience cry out, only try to stifle its remorse as much as you can.
Many pastors and prelates today are allowing or even promoting reception of Holy Communion by those living the life of active homosexuality or adultery without repentance, contrition or confession. The one man the Church holds up as the model priest, St. John Vianney, didn't cave to human respect but rather stood up for Our Lord, Who is even more helpless in Holy Communion in the hands of the priest than He was as an infant in the arms of St. Joseph.
Good prelates, like Abp. Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, Abp. Alexander Sample of Portland, Oregon and Bp. Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois, are aligning themselves with St. John Vianney in protecting Our Lord from being re-crucified in sacrilegious Commuions by those living in unrepentant mortal sin. All three of these prelates uphold Church teaching that has always forbade those in invalid unions from receiving Our Lord's Body and Blood in Holy Communion without first repenting of their sins and going to confession.
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