Attack on Celibacy?

Excommunicated? This a picture of then Milan auxiliary bishop, Mario Delpini, offering Mass during World Youth Day 2013 in San Paolo, Brazil. The photo shows how a couple of male and female young people concelebrate with him during the doxology, the conclusion of the Eucharistic Prayer, the most central part of Mass. Lay-celebration of Mass is punished with excommunication. In July Pope Francis named Delpini as the new archbishop of Milan, the biggest Catholic diocese of the world. The picture was published on the official news page of the diocese and later removed.

Attack on Celibacy? Pope Francis will hold in October 2019 a Synod for the Pan-Amazon region which encompasses eight countries. According to Francis, the main purpose of the synod will be to – quote - “identify new paths for the evangelization” of the indigenous people there which are less than three million. The modernist and pro-Francis site Faro di Roma is convinced that this will be a pretext to abolishing priestly celibacy.

Christ Comes Second: Presently the Church is not interested in the faith and in the proclamation of the faith according to Monsignor Luigi Negri, the former archbishop of Ferrara-Comacchio, Italy. Talking to La Fede Quotidiana, Negri explained, “It does not seem to me that the Church puts Christ in the first place but other values.”

Catholic Nuncio Attacked: The Portuguese weekly Expresso has launched a furious attack on the local Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Rino Passigato. It accuses Passigato of being - quote - “unhuman” and not in line with Francis. The paper refers to anonymous bishops who seemingly have not the courage to speak openly. They accuse him of promoting bishops who are not modernists. Passigato was not on good terms with late Lisbon Cardinal Policarpo who was often opposed to the Catholic Faith. The Bishops’ Conference in Portugal is not in good shape.