You can live your life on earth joined to us in Heaven

May 4, 2004 Jesus

Brothers and sisters in the world, please allow Me to fill your heart with heavenly gifts. There is no reason for you to live apart from My Kingdom. If you wish it, you can live your life on earth joined to us in heaven. You must practice living in faith, it is true, but like anything else, faith becomes a habit when you practice it, so much so that soon you do not even know you are exerting yourself.

 That is what I wish for you now and I am going to assist you by rewarding your tiniest acts of faith with supernatural gifts of faith. In this way you will only need a small bit to begin your union with heaven. What benefits can be gained by union with heaven? You will no longer have as many gaps in your peace. You will view all of your life as transient and valuable. Whether you suffer pain or experience joy, it will all be the same to you, as long as you are united to Me and to heaven. You will have no great preference, dearest soul, because you will detach to that degree. 

Can you imagine? It is possible if you trust Me and begin this practice. Souls in heaven look down upon their earthly brothers and sisters and sigh for them, because they understand what it is like to be in exile, 
without the divine vision and the divine knowledge. They remember that to live without certainty was a difficult thing, made more difficult when you lived in dark and difficult times. 

There have been many such times because mankind is drawn to sin through selfishness. These dark times, such as the one you are living in, create the most beautiful opportunities for holiness and sainthood. You look around and all seems hopeless. How challenging it is then to continue to hope and to allow My joy an avenue through which to flow into the darkness of your world. That, all by itself, is an opportunity for the holiest of acts, the most heroic deed of selflessness.

If you are My friend, you have probably suffered. Do not see this as a bad thing. View this as having treasures that await you in heaven because truly, this is the case. Your suffering, experienced in union with Me, moves the Kingdom toward God the Father. Your suffering, experienced in union with Me, purifies your soul as it detaches it from the earth, aligning it with the next world. Your suffering, experienced in union with Me, has saved many souls, despite the fact that you cannot see this yet. There is much you cannot see yet and if I were to show you everything, the merit from your suffering would be diminished profoundly. You do not want that because just as this suffering is accomplishing all of these things for others, it is increasing your reward in heaven. You perhaps cannot picture your reward. It is a difficult thing for a child in exile to imagine what his family will be preparing for him upon his arrival home. You must believe that this child will not be disappointed. 

The heavenly existence is so far beyond the earthly existence in terms of joy and security that you cannot understand it. I will shed a small bit of light on it for you.