Hosts found on floor

I used to think hosts being found on the floors in churches was just something Traditional Catholics talked about in hyperbole and not something that actually happened. Low and behold, I walk into church to make a Holy Hour before Mass and something white and circular on the floor next to the pew in the front caught my attention. Upon closer examination I identified it as Our Lord on the floor, and He’s been there all day and no one noticed.
I called our priest who came and consumed it and purified the carpet and made Acts of Reparation, but this just saddens and angers me.
Ironically enough we’re only a week away from Corpus Christi. A Feast that once had its own Octave because of its significance and where people lined the streets in Processions of the Blessed Sacrament. How far we’ve descended into our lack of reverence and respect for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.  For Shame.
Let’s all work together to increase reverence and belief and love for the Lord in Eucharist.
Fathers: Adjust your ars celebrandi and teach!  Put in Communion rails.
Bishops: Take a cue from some other bishops and ask for First Communion on the tongue while kneeling, curtail Communion services, advocate Exposition and participate in it along with Benediction, put tabernacles back in the center of churches, etc.
Faithful: Stop receiving Communion in the hand.