Do Not Listen To Demonic Forces...

Children Of My Divine Will,

I bless you now. My triune blessing is yours to share. I Am that I Am. I Am the Great I Am. I Am. Open your hearts to Me now. Surrender. Give Me permission. Trust in My master plan. Align your free will to My divine will, and persevere unto Death. The greatest spiritual battle of all time now rages over the Earth. Many are deceived, and content with material possessions. Some will lose their souls for love of money, and because they worship Magog. 

Beloved, repent. Uproot all sin from your lives, and serve only the One True God. Do not worship idols. Do not listen to demonic forces which have saturated your media. Protect yourselves from sin. Avoid sinful places, and break free from those who enjoy immoral practices. Do not jeopardize your eternal destination for an instant of pleasure. Pray for discernement in matters which confuse you. Seek counsel, and listen to My voice. 

My sheep know Me.I speak to all, and manifest myself even to those who err. I am merciful, and desire all My children with Me in Paradise. Walk in faith. Abandon sin, and strive for holiness. Learn to honor Me in simple things. I ask not for the grandiose. Give Me your hearts. 

I leave you My kiss of peace.


Posted by Tenderheart's Blog / Canad