Archbishop Deplores Devastating Francis Effect

Catholicism in Argentina “is in full retreat,” former La Plata Archbishop Hector Aguer writes on (March 2). Here his assessment:

• many churches are depopulated,
• the liturgy has “fallen into banality if not worse,”
• seminaries half-empty,
• religious houses decimated,
• decrease in the number of marriages and baptisms,
• there is no widespread Catholic youth movement,
• the bishops submit to the “New World Order” and the “money imperialism”

In some dioceses, there are still some “very active people” which Aguer calls “small groups," stuck with a devastated liturgy, “The lack of precision, solemnity and beauty in the Mass makes quite a few people wish for all that Traditiones custodes has set aside.”

Auger cannot understand that the bishops are anxious to adhere to the Francis party line, “This orientation has nothing to do with reality.”