I will alert mankind 3 days before the Warning

Dear and beloved children, here we are in the sixth hour, the world will now enter into convulsion.

The earthquake is in progress, God is ready with his holy army, as soon as the unjust man dictates the rules of injustice, behold the sign of God will appear in the sky, God is the one who created everything, He is, no other god is!

Repent, you who do not listen to my voice, you who follow my enemy. I call you again, do not hinder your ascension, your eternal life depends on your choices, either with me or with Satan.

The last moments of life to live on this Planet have arrived, this sinful Humanity must be purified, that is why I say Enough and I intervene with My right hand to define My coming among you.

I will anticipate My Return, you will all stand before Me, you will see the Son of Man in His infinite glory! May peace be with you, may your soul shine with purity, may your yes be total to Me, the Word of God.

Do not be foolish, listen to my Word, become children of God, choose to be all His, to participate in His triumph and to enter into eternal life in Him.

Happiness does not belong to this world, you are on this earth to be purified, I ask for your conversion so that I may take you to me and make you mine in my Divinity and Perfection.

Today I come down from my Heaven and I bless you, I touch your hearts and I seal them in Me. Ordained as children, follow me, follow my footsteps, do not leave the ways of the Lord.

The time granted to you is over, the thunder will come at any moment, Heaven is trembling to descend to Earth and resolve the departure, to close at last this world full of sin and open the new Kingdom of God on Earth.

The truth is in me, I alone am. ...no one else but me can! Little children, I embrace you tenderly to my breast and nourish you with Me.

The Warning is the gift I give to this humanity,

so that it may repent and return to Me, asking for forgiveness. The Warning is a sign of salvation for man:

... that man may understand the signs of God and become a follower of God.

I will not take with Me any man who has not repented of his sins; I will not hear his cry for mercy. I, God, have repeatedly and unceasingly called this humanity to conversion, but it has willed to remain deaf to My call of love and salvation.

Now the time of redemption has come, everything is in place, you see what choice to make.

The moon will be dyed red and the sea will redden, the mountains will crumble, the whole earth will tremble and open up, ... Hell will break out on earth for those who have refused to listen to God's calls!

Here is all my love for you: The Warning, the last chance of salvation. Return quickly to Me, your God is waiting for you, abandon Satan and return to the One who created you.

The whole Universe is trembling, waiting to embrace the brothers. Do not be foolish, oh men, your God loves you, have the compunction to understand and put yourselves in conditions of salvation.

I will warn mankind three days before the Warning is to take place

so that every man may still have the possibility in those three days to repent and run before the Crucifix.

and run before the Crucifix and ask for forgiveness with humility and contrition of heart.

I am all yours, I bless you, I love you.

Your God Love.